June 23, 2021

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Car, city-building destroyed by suspected arsonist in Alameda

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) – The search is on tonight for an arsonist in the East Bay — Investigators in Alameda say they’re looking for a man last seen with a large dark-colored dog.

He’s wanted in connection with at least six fires set this week.

The unidentified man is accused of torching a city building and a car.

Investigators tell KRON4 these fires broke out between late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

It’s believed this suspected arsonist was using a bike to get around and set these fires within a 2-mile radius.

Neighbors say they witnessed the flames breaking out and hope the culprit is caught. Firefighters working to put out the flames of one of six suspected arsons in Alameda.

Investigators say this car was set ablaze around 1 a.m. Tuesday along Lincoln Ave.

A man with a dog is wanted in connection with a fire-setting spree.

“This the first time I heard about an arsonist. We get a lot of like robberies, thefts and all that, different types of crimes but this is the first time we got an arsonist,” witness Yohanes Osoimalohailu said. 

A vehicle fire was one of several Monday night into Tuesday morning.

The others were set within a two-mile radius from Grand Street to Pacific, Central, and Buena Vista Avenues.

This city facility within Littlejohn Park was hit Monday night around 11.

“Scared. Scared I jumped out of bed. I saw the fire, ran through the house looking for my brother,” Priscilla Castro said.

Priscilla Castro lives next door to the park building. She woke up to crews battling the fire as it burned dangerously close to her home.

This facility was used as a small classroom which also housed bathrooms and storage areas.

Castro is thankful firefighters kept the fire from spreading.

“Alameda Fire Department was on it and it was out,” Castro said.

Investigators only described the other four that were set as “outside fires.”

The suspect and the dog are still being sought as a community is left puzzled.

“What fun was it. Why? Why does anybody do something like that?” Castro said.

With this suspected arsonist still on the loose police are asking for help with identifying him.

People who live near where these fires were set are encouraged to check their security cameras and to share any videos or pictures with the police.

It’s unclear tonight what this man used to set these.