June 23, 2021

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Department of Transportation traffic study completed before fatal crash

Oneida County Legislator Cynthia Rogers-Witt requested a traffic study at the corner of Route 365 and Blackmans Corners Road sometime in February of 2020. Church members at 7th Day Baptist Church, and residents along Blackmans Corners Road want a traffic light installed, worried for their safety.

In February 2021, 95 year-old Alden Arthur Vierow died in a crash at the intersection of Rt. 365 and Blackmans Corners Road. 

“A life-long member of that church, and a friend of mine was killed at this intersection. How do I let that go?”

Police frequently have people pulled over along this stretch of route 365. Cynthia says speed and poor visibility of traffic coming from the west make it a dangerous intersection.

“If there’s snow or weeds in the meridian once a car hits the dip you might not see the car right away. The traffic is fast moving. There’s not a lot of room between the eastbound and westbound lanes to sit and wait for traffic to clear. There’s a number of issues here that make it unsafe,” she said.

The State DOT did complete an investigation and found the intersection does require additional signage. Those signs are going up because the ground is now soft enough for them to be installed. A process that couldn’t be done in the winter.

The DOT will be adding additional signs to the median, but the study concluded there’s no need for a traffic light at this time. Cynthia Rogers-Witt and the members of the 7th Day Baptist Church will be praying the signs will be enough.