June 17, 2021

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ECONEWS REPORT: Cars, Trains and Automobiles — Transportation Planning in Humboldt County | Lost Coast Outpost


planning: that’s what we are talking about on this
week’s EcoNews Report. How people and goods move throughout
Humboldt County is something that we all experience on a daily basis,
whether you are a bicycle commuter navigating potholes and cars, a
long-haul trucker cruising up the 101, or just out to grab your
morning iced chai latte (with oatmilk, please). The routine and
ever-present engagement with our transportation infrastructure can
obscure the fact that all of this was planned. Our transportation
planning choices today will have long-standing impacts on our lives
into the future, whether it is reducing road-related fatalities or
how we can reduce greenhouse gases from our transportation network
(Humboldt’s #1 category of emissions).

Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG) is hard at work on
an update to the “Regional Transportation Plan,” a
blueprint for our current and future transportation needs. Oona
Smith, Senior Planner with HCAOG joins Gang Green to talk about how
good planning helps all road users and how the Regional
Transportation Plan will shape our transportation investments in the


“The EcoNews Report,” March 27, 2021.