June 17, 2021

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Google Could Soon Help Users Find a New Car a Lot Easier

Unlike Apple, Google isn’t necessarily interested in launching its own EV. At least that’s what Hyundai says, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Mountain View-based search giant isn’t exploring a possible expansion in the automotive space.
Recent findings appear to suggest that what Google has in mind is a deeper integration of car-related data into its products, including the search engine.

The company has recently started testing what appears to be a list of car and dealership inventory in your area displayed right on the search results page. So, in theory, you no longer have to visit a dealership page to get all that info, as you can easily see a specific listing right on Google.

A dedicated page at google.com/local/cars allows users to see all specifications and filter the results based on brand. Clicking on any listing launches a detailed view of a car where you should technically be able to see more information about it.

At the time of writing, all the evidence of this test has already been removed, but don’t be too surprised if Google brings this feature to the masses at some point in the future.

A Google spokesperson is quoted as saying by SEL that the company is indeed exploring such a feature for Google Search, suggesting the recent findings have been part of a pilot.

We’ve heard from potential car buyers that surfacing this inventory information directly on Google helps them quickly explore and compare available cars, leading to more qualified leads for dealers. Dealers and related businesses can fill out a partner interest form if they’d like to learn more about this opportunity. The car inventory information is powered by feeds shared directly from dealers or their data providers. Google is not charging a fee for this feature,” the company said.

No information has been provided about when the car listings in Google search results could show up for everybody.