June 17, 2021

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Here Are Your Favorite Automotive Collaborations

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Image: GM Archives

GM owned a stake in Fuji Heavy Industries (then the name of Subaru’s parent corporation) at the time.

The 9-2X was a Subaru WRX with some interior upgrades. Funnily enough, it qualified for GM’s generous employee pricing and rebates at the time, so you could often get the 9-2X for less than its Subaru equivalent. And it was nicer, too!

There were other collaborations between GM and Saab. GM sold the Forester in India as the Chevrolet Forester.

There was also a stillborn crossover, the 9-6X. The 9-6X was supposed to be a Saab version of the Subaru B9 Tribeca, but was canceled at the eleventh hour, when GM sold its stake in Fuji Heavy Industries. Funnily enough, after the B9 Tribeca flopped (largely due to its controversial front end), Subaru used some of the 9-6X tooling to facelift it and rename it the Tribeca.

It took GM another four or five years to release an actual Saab midsize crossover, the 9-4X…which was a sister to the second-generation “Theta-Premium-platform” Cadillac SRX. But by that time, GM had sold Saab and was building Saabs under contract. Of course, fewer than 1,000 units of the 9-4X were built before Saab defaulted on its contract with GM, was no longer able to procure cars, and went under. Had the midsize Saab crossover come out a little sooner, the brand might have been saved. Probably not, but perhaps.

Suggested by: Kyree S. Williams