June 17, 2021

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Jeep, Fiat small crossovers approved for production at Polish plant

The start of production (SOP) schedule for the three models is listed below. Sales normally begin three to four months after SOP.

  • The Jeep, which is code-named project 516, is due to go into production in November 2022, initially with a gasoline engine. A full-electric version will follow in February 2023 and a mild-hybrid version in January 2024. Batteries for the full-electric version will initially be supplied by Chinese supplier CATL, switching in July 2023 to another Chinese competitor, automaker BYD.
  • Production of a small Fiat crossover, code-named project 364, is due to start in April 2023, with a BYD-equipped full-electric version following in May 2023 and mild hybrid in February 2024.

Previously, the Jeep was expected to start production in July 2022, followed by the Alfa Romeo in January 2023 and the Fiat in July 2023.

The front-wheel-drive mild-hybrid versions of the three vehicles will have an electric motor located between the engine and the transmission.

The Alfa Romeo version that is awaiting approval is due to start production with the full-electric version in October 2023, followed by a front-wheel-drive gasoline mild hybrid in March 2024 and an all-wheel drive in July 2024. Alfa’s small crossover is codenamed project 966.

If approved, the Alfa crossover’s all-wheel-drive system, which has an electric motor on each axle, is expected to be added to the small Jeep.

The small SUV and crossover segment is the second most popular in Europe. The segment’s sales fell 18 percent to 1.73 million last year, according to JATO Dynamics market researcher. The segment narrowly beat out compact cars for second place after the small-car sector, Europe’s top-selling segment.

The Renault Captur was the most popular small SUV/crossover with 177,556 units sold, followed by the Volkswagen T-Roc at No. 2 with 158,776 sales and the Peugeot 2008 at No. 3 with a volume of 156,150.