June 17, 2021

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Kitzuma Cycling Logistics now offers shipping service to IBDs

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (BRAIN) — Kitzuma Cycling Logistics, which launched in December offering direct-to-consumer brands dock-to-door box-free bike shipping, has expanded its delivery service to independent bike dealers nationwide.

Pilot programs took place at three IBDs that offer e-commerce: Motion Makers Bike Shop in Western North Carolina, Contender Bicycles in Utah, and PLAYTRI, a multi-sport retailer with stores nationwide. Kitzuma is now pursuing additional partnerships with other IBDs.

“We love being able to offer the customer an option of delivery that doesn’t risk their bike getting damaged or them having to figure out how to reassemble a boxed bike,” said Kent Cranford, Motion Makers owner. “This has become our standard for shipping bikes. The customers have been very impressed with the service.”

An added benefit to the IBD is not having to box every online purchase, leaving more time for service requests and manning the sales floor, according to Kitzuma.

“Our service is especially helpful for delivering e-bikes or unusually shaped tri/TT bikes, for which traditional boxed shipping is notoriously difficult,” said co-founder and COO Chris Cosgrove. “We want to connect people who have bikes with people who want bikes, allowing IBDs to reach a much broader consumer market.”

Kitzuma reminds retailers without an online storefront of the benefits to shipping bikes to customers who live out of state. Because of the current inventory shortage, that shipping option can turn a local bike shop into a regional and/or national retailer.

“Our initial test run went beautifully, and we’re confident lots of other dealers nationwide will sign up soon,” said Tony Eggers, Kitzuma co-founder and chief information technology officer. “That experience also helped us develop our new online portal, which makes it incredibly quick and easy for IBD clients to process their orders, track delivery, etc. The combination of top-end service and a user-friendly interface should be extremely attractive for bike dealers.”

American Bicycle Group — which owns and distributes Obed Bicycles, Litespeed Bicycles, and Quintana Roo triathlon bikes — is one of Kitzuma’s biggest DTC clients. Kitzuma uses a spoke-hub appointment-based model with driver-techs trained to handle and set up bikes for the customer. Each bike is guaranteed against damage.

For retailer information, email Kitzuma, or call 855-KITZUMA.