June 22, 2021

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Man Charged With Stalking After Ramming Woman’s Vehicle

Jamestown, CA – A man tried to use his vehicle to intimidate a woman at a local casino and used it as a deadly weapon, according to the CHP.

Sonora Unit CHP spokesperson Steve Machado relayed the two were in a “romantic relationship.” The attack happened on Monday morning when the woman left the Chicken Ranch Casino in Jamestown. Machado recounts, “The female entered her vehicle and as she was attempting to leave the parking lot. Jones maneuvered his vehicle multiple times to prevent her from leaving.” He continued, “She was eventually able to drive away, and Jones followed.”While traveling Highway 49 south of Chicken Ranch Road, Jones struck the rear of her vehicle With his vehicle.”

She then turned around and called 911 while heading back into Jamestown where CHP officers met her and Jones, who had continued to chase her. After further investigation, Jones was arrest for assault with a deadly weapon and stalking on a $40,000 bail. Machado notes this incident is still being investigated, adding that alcohol and drugs are not suspected to be involved.