June 17, 2021

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OHP Arrests Teenager Suspected Of Speeding In Stolen Truck, Looking For 2 More Teens

Oklahoma state troopers arrested a teenager Tuesday, suspected of being one of three teens involved in a chase in a stolen truck.  OHP is still looking for the two other teens. 

Troopers and Tulsa Police said they recovered two guns near the scene, which unfolded in several locations near 51st and Memorial.  

OHP said the teenager they arrested was hiding in an apartment, while police and troopers were scattered throughout the area, looking for the teens. 

The stolen truck eventually stopped and crashed into a fence at an apartment complex near 51st and Memorial. Tulsa Police and OHP searched the truck and said they discovered it was stolen.  

A Tulsa Police chopper overhead was searching for three teens believed to have run away from the truck. 

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said whoever was driving the truck was going 83 miles an hour on I-44 during the morning rush hour.  

Troopers said they tried to pull over the driver, but they exited off Sheridan, and went through a few stop signs before crashing into the fence.  

“After that’s when we really investigated, we could run the VIN, we could run the license plate, make sure they check back to each other. And from there, that’s when we were confirmed that it was stolen.” Trooper Robbie Argo said.  

Trooper Argo said when the truck was reported stolen the owner said there was a gun inside. Troopers said they did find a gun near the scene, and a TPD K9 found another gun nearby.  

Troopers arrested one teenager after they say he was hiding near an attic in an apartment. Argo said troopers got consent to go inside and eventually the teen came out on his own. 

Troopers would not say whether he lived there or not.  

“Ongoing investigation. He’s in custody and we’ll learn more from that,” Argo said.  

OHP is not releasing the suspect’s name because he is a juvenile. Troopers are not saying what he was arrested for, either. 

OHP did not share a description of the other two teens they believe were involved. 

Troopers ask if you have any video from 41st to 51st between Yale and Sheridan that you think could help, call OHP.