June 17, 2021

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OPS board hears details on changes to student transportation, choice for high schools | Education

For the new proposed plan, the district created transportation areas for each of the nine high schools. Students who live in the areas would be eligible for transportation to their neighborhood school.

The transportation areas are determined by streets and generally are the areas farthest away from the high schools. Casey Hughes, who works in the district’s research department, said the district tried to make a similar number of students eligible for transportation in each area.

For transportation to non-neighborhood schools, OPS has grouped all high schools into three zones. A student would be eligible for transportation to the two other schools in the same zone as their neighborhood school.

In creating the zones, Hughes said the district tried to balance student demographics, school capacities, current school choice patterns and school programming.

Zone one consists of Burke, North and South High Schools. Zone two consists of Central, Benson and the new school at 156th and Ida Streets. And zone three consists of Northwest, Bryan and the new school at 60th and L Streets.

The district has also added one additional partner high school option based on where the student lives.

Hughes said choices will still be limited, because no plan will allow the district to seat every student in their first-choice high school if it’s not their neighborhood school.