June 25, 2021

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Police ask people to stop driving illegal motorized bicycles

(WBNG) — The Johnson City Police Department is asking people to not drive gas-powered bicycles on roadways.

According to authorities, Johnson City Police has seen an increase of homemade gas-powered bicycles illegally on roads. They say they’ve seen an increase in crashes involving the motorized bicycles resulting in injuries.

Police say gas-powered bicycles are illegal to drive on public roads.

Authorities say bicycles are being retro-fitted with gas motors that allow the bicycle to be powered exclusively without the rider pedaling.

According to police, this makes the bicycle travel at an unsafe speed. They say they a bicycle equipped with one of these motors becomes a “motor vehicle” and are there subject to all motor vehicle laws. Meaning that the driver of the motorized bicycle will need a license. It will also need to be registered and insured.

Police say, gas-powered bicycles do not meet safety standards and cannot be registered with the DMV, and are therefore illegal to drive on public roads.

According to police, state law only allows bicycles with “electric assist” motors or electric scooters to be operated on streets with a speed limit of 30 MPH.