July 31, 2021

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Rochester bicycle shop feeling effects of nationwide shortage

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — Since the pandemic started, more people have been dusting off their bikes and hitting the pavement.

The pandemic interrupted the supply chain for the bicycle industry. There was a time where you used to be able to walk right into a bicycle shop, pick out a bike and be on your way. That’s not the case anymore.

Rochester Cycling owner Matt Hawkins said it’s been a struggle getting inventory in stock.

“The warehouses that used to be stockpiled with bikes, now sit empty,” Hawkins said.

He said the current wait for a lot of his inventory is going on eight months. He said it’s because all the industries that are related to bike production were also affected by the pandemic, slowing everything down.

“The parts aren’t available to actually assemble the bikes,” Hawkins said. “You need all the ingredients to make the bikes. You need shipping containers to put the bikes in. You need freight companies to expedite the shipments. You need railways to get the bikes to the warehouses. All those industries are having problems right now.”

He says they’ve also seen an unprecedented amount people wanting their bikes repaired.

“We’re under a lot of stress to get as many bikes out as possible,” he said. “And everyone wants their bike now. We are doing our best, but there are going to be delays.”

The turnaround time for bike repairs at the shop is about four weeks. Hawkins urges patience as with the warmer weather ahead, he doesn’t see things slowing down any time soon.