June 17, 2021

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Sellers in Stark County say there is a shortage of new bikes, parts

Move over, toilet paper and ketchup.

There’s a new pandemic shortage in town.


Bike racks in area big box stores are bare some days and have been for awhile. Like local sporting goods stores, they put their bikes on display as they arrive and sell quickly.

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Even local bike shops say they’re having trouble staying stocked.

While the pandemic saw sales of stationary bikes soar, some shops say some of their orders for the kind of bikes you ride outdoors won’t be filled until December. 

Racks inside Ernie’s Bicycle Shop at 1325 Portage St. NW near North Canton are usually filled with colorful new bicycles waiting to be sold. Instead, the majority of those racks are filled with bikes awaiting repair or those that have been repaired.

As the number of bicycle repair requests increases, this bicycle shop temporarily closes on Mondays to meet the need.   Lori Steineck / The Canton Repository

Why are bikes harder to find now?

“We just don’t have that right now. No one does,” said Bill Flaherty, sales and service associate at Ernie’s. “Usually, we have a couple hundred new bikes for sale. Right now, we have 50. Some are kids’ bikes.

“We’ve got this big (bicycle) shortage going on. Warehouses are depleted, the factories are empty. It’s just tough getting bikes.”