June 17, 2021

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Shawn Bradley’s collision with passing van caused accident, report says

Former NBA center Shawn Bradley was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a moving vehicle forcing him to collide with a parked car on the shoulder of the road, according to St. George, Utah police officer’s report of the traffic crash.

The crash, which happened in the afternoon on Jan. 20, left Bradley paralyzed.

In a statement released by the Dallas Mavericks last week, the 7-foot-6 Bradley said the crash happened a block from his home.

The driver of moving vehicle, a Dodge van, told police she saw the cyclist and passed Bradley at about 10 mph and gave “the cyclist plenty of room putting their driver side tire between the two yellow sets (of) double lines,” according to the report.

“V1 driver looked into their rear view mirror as they passed V2 (a Saturn) and saw the cyclist flipping through the air and landed on their back,” the report said.

The report noted a fresh scratch on the passenger side of the moving vehicle.

“The cyclist had impacted the driver side rear bumper of V2 after which the bicycle and cyclist traveled along the top of the trunk and the cyclist continued along the side of V1 causing scratches and several dents to V2,” according to the report.

Bradley did not recall what happened later that day at the hospital, but police followed up with Bradley the following day at the hospital and he told police he saw “V2 parked on the road and was in the process of passing it when V1 made contact with him and sent him into V2,” the report said.