June 16, 2021

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The easiest way to solar charge an electric bicycle (even at night!)

There’s just something so natural-feeling about charging an e-bike from solar power. E-bikes are already such environmentally responsible alternatives to cars that they make me want to go the rest of the way and charge them in what feels like an environmentally responsible form too – with solar power that I generated onsite myself. 

I’ve played with various methods for solar charging my e-bikes before. Some of them feel a bit more like a high school science fair project than the others. 

But the single easiest method I’ve tried so far has been with the Jackery 1000 solar generator.

This is a big ol’ solar generator with a beefy 1,002 Wh internal battery that can be charged up with Jackery’s SolarSaga solar panels. You can also charge it from a wall plug or a car outlet, but it’s the solar charging that intrigued me.

Once it charges up its internal battery from the solar panels (or also during), you can plug in pretty much any device you’d like into it. In our case, we’ll be plugging in an e-bike charger that comes with an e-bike.

The Jackery 1000 has several power outlets in addition to the three 110V AC outlets, so you can get creative with what you run from your solar power. In addition to your e-bike, you can plug in other appliances or devices into the 110V AC outlets or the USB ports.

I often charge my phone from the unit just because its fun to think about how every call or swipe is powered by energy I harnessed from the sun.

To charge an e-bike, you’ll first need to make sure your Jackery unit is at least partially charged. Think of it like an energy buffer. You fill up the Jackery with solar power and it stores it until you’re ready to dump that energy into your e-bike. 

You can take both the Jackery 1000 and the solar panels outside and simply point the panels towards the sun.

Or if you prefer a more permanent setup, you can leave the main unit inside and run the wires out through a window. This could be useful for anyone living in an apartment with a window facing the sun.