June 25, 2021

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Top EV Charging App Launches on Android Automotive, Volvo Cars First to Get It

ChargePoint has recently landed on CarPlay, allowing iPhone users to get directions for reaching an EV charging station without even touching their smartphones. Still, this week, the parent company has announced another important milestone.
ChargePoint is now available on Android Automotive, with Volvo Recharge models the first to support it.

Volvo says it specifically worked together with ChargePoint to make the Android Automotive version of the app possible, explaining that its XC40 Recharge will be the first model to get the new app.

ChargePoint can be downloaded on an Android Automotive-powered car right from Google Play when an Internet connection is available. It comes with the full feature package, but thanks to the Android Automotive integration, more advanced capabilities are also available.

When the high voltage battery in the XC40 Recharge reaches a driver-selected state of charge, the car is shifted into in Park, and available charging stations are within a half-mile radius, a visual alert appears on the 9.1-inch center touch screen, accompanied by an audible notification,” Volvo explains in a press release (also embedded below).

ChargePoint can then display the nearby charging stations, and selecting one launches the navigation interface to guide drivers to the picked location. Needless to say, Google Assistant integration is also offered, so you can interact with ChargePoint using nothing more than voice commands.

ChargePoint also offers a payment interface, so in theory, the experience overall should be much smoother and more convenient from the moment you start searching for a charging station to the one you release the charger.

ChargePoint promises access to more than 100,000 charging stations in North American. The company also offers integration with other networks, including EVgo and FLO, with even more said to be on their way in future updates due later this year. Overall, ChargePoint estimates it covers approximately 80 percent of the public AC and DC stations in the U.S. and Canada.