June 25, 2021

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Utah Ford nearly doubles used-car sales using new software that tracks reconditioning

Simkins’ job title is service director, but he’s more like an air traffic controller, keeping tabs on every used vehicle as it goes through the reconditioning process.

As soon as the store closes the deal on a secondhand vehicle, the texts start flying into the store’s six “buckets” — purchase, service, parts, detail, photo and, finally, front line, which is where the photos for online ads are shot.

All used vehicles reconditioned at Performance get new filters, an oil change, new windshield wiper blades and an inspection that could lead to further repairs.

Rapid Recon software helps speed the trip through reconditioning in several ways. First, each car’s reconditioning kit of parts is delivered to the bays of the store’s four recon techs just before the vehicle arrives. No longer do techs waste time walking to the parts department, where they would have to wait for their orders to be filled.

The software also improves efficiency by helping manage the reconditioning process for vehicles that need extra work. Rapid Recon’s software sends texts to Performance Ford’s outside vendors when such things as dents need to be fixed, a new windshield is needed or upholstery repairs are necessary. Even though these outside vendors are not Performance employees, they are subject to the same scrutiny when it comes to working quickly.

“There are times when a vehicle needs to go to another dealer for a warranty repair or a recall,” Simkins said. “Those cars have a tendency to drop off your radar because they are at another store, and you are at their mercy. There are vehicles that fall through the cracks whether you think so or not. Rapid Recon does not allow that to happen.”