July 25, 2021

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Who killed the electric car buzz? It was a Star-Ledger columnist | Letters

Concerning “Electric cars are going nowhere fast,” Paul Mulshine’s April 4 column, which cast doubt on the future popularity and suitability of these cars:

First, the elephant in the room: Go to a fast Tesla DC (direct current) supercharger, located on interstate highways and population centers everywhere, and you can get a Tesla charged in 20-30 minutes.That gives 250-290 miles of range, and you’re on your way. That’s barely enough time to snag a cup of coffee while the car’s charging out back.

Other battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) were, until recently, stuck with low-power alternating-current chargers. That has changed. Electrify America, Chargepoint, and others are building out charger networks usable by Ford, VW, and Porsche that are also DC and fast. If they’re not quite at Tesla levels yet, well, that’s coming.

President Joe Biden, who has plans to phase out sales of fossil-fuel cars by 2035, wants to ramp up the number of DC fast chargers, not the slower, AC ones that were the subject of complaints during a test by Wall Street Journal reporters that Mulshine cites in his column.

As far as EVs losing their charge or range in cold weather, fossil-fuel powered internal combustion engines also get worse mileage in the cold. I can’t speak for other manufacturers, but new Teslas come with heat exchangers that improve the cabin heat situation. You might ask why Norwegians, who use electric cars heavily, don’t seem to worry about the heat.

K. Becker, Metuchen

Will seniors age out of expanded vaccination?

New Jersey recently set May 1 as the target date to offer COVID-19 vaccine eligibility for everyone over 16 who lives, studies, or works in the Garden State — a date that Gov. Phil Murphy revised to April 19 on Monday.

As the eligibility rolls widen with great fanfare, the availability of shots for those age 65 or over who still have not been vaccinated would narrow. What hope is there for those of us close to 80 to have even a chance for vaccination under this expansion?

Joseph Moscinski, Branchberg

Cancel culture threatens freedoms

With social media acting as the judge and jury for allowable discussion, and with any view that challenges an accepted narrative censored or cancelled, the United States is on the verge of losing its cherished freedoms.

I do not know if this country and its democratic republic will survive. However, they will not survive if Democrats and Republicans do not work together to develop guidelines for the social media giants in defense of freedom of thought and speech.

We have to cancel the cancel culture.

Herbert Mordkoff, Rockaway

Did headline mean that cops are inherently ‘bad’?

I’m not easily offended, but it gave me pause when I read the headline in Monday’s Star-Ledger print edition “(Phillipsburg) Cop killed in motorcycle crash recalled as ‘one of the good ones.’”

I wondered how others would feel if a headline stated “Black man killed in motorcycle crash recalled as ‘one of the good ones.’” Or, for that matter, if a member of any singled-out group — such as a priest, immigrant, homeless or disabled person — who died was described of as ‘one of the good ones.’ “

Paul Fernandez, Union

Note: The writer is a retired police officer.

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