June 22, 2021

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Woman hospitalized after adult hits her with car at school

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A woman is hospitalized with critical injuries after being hit by a car outside of Carl Bruce Middle School, formerly known as Northwest Middle School, near North 18th and Greeley.

Police say it started as a fight between two girls at the school near the end of the day Tuesday. The school tried to separate the students, and called in members of each student’s family to try and deescalate the situation. Instead of helping, police said the family members only made the situation worse.

Investigators said that as one of the women left the school, a family member of the other girl hit her with her car and dragged her.

“We have disagreements we have arguments we don’t know how to handle conflict, conflict resolution, is probably one of the things that is sorely missing so much in young people as well as adults,” Nancy Chartrand, spokesperson for the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department, said. “We’ve had a situation that escalates to the point we now have someone who has been transported to the hospital in very serious condition because folks didn’t know how to work out their differences.”

Police are investigating and reviewing video of the crash.

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